DAILES comic anthology

Art Artwork from Australia. Published by anonymous on Monday 05 March 2012.

DAILES comic anthology image

Year: 2012

Fans of the Silent Army Comic Collective will be happy to hear they’ve just launched a new comic art anthology DAILIES. DAILES contains over 60 artists doing regular ‘strips’ in a 32page tabloid newspaper format, and best of all you can receive the first issue posted to your door for only $6.20 AUD

Featuring an incredible lineup of comic and street artists from Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia, the first issue includes

M P Fikaris, Tim Danko, Tom Civil, Aaron O’Donnell, Tim Molloy, Georg, Marc Pearson, Ha – Ha, Picknick, Shida, Nelio, James Bonicci, Anthony Woodward, Texta Queen, Jerome Bihan, Adi Firth, Rachel Torbett, Dan Reed, Pip Stafford, Mel Roswell, Sam Wallman, Clint Cure, Karl Wills, Rena Littleson, Leigh Rigozzi, Susan Butcher, Mandy Ord, Simon Hanselmann, Michael Hawkins, Tom O’Hern, Jo Waite, Lucy Berglund, Ted McKinlay, Cougar Flashy, Anthony Lister, Ghostpatrol, Twoone, Baby Geurilla, Athonk Sapto Rajo, Ben Hutchings, Glenn Smith, Dan Sibley, Psalm, Tim Sterling, Phoenix, Michael Meneghetti, Bernard Caleo, Hamishi, Ed Wakeham, Alec Morten, Lwnski, Heesco, Clayton Noone,Indira Neville, Ero, Toni Dowd, DF, Jase Harper, James james, Carol Wood, Lachlan Conn, and Kieran Mangan.

www.silentarmy.org or just buy the comic now at http://silentarmyshop.bigcartel.com/

DAILIES – A 32pp tabloid newsprint with 8 pages full-colour, 8pages in 2 colour .

RRP $5.00 and delivered to your mailbox for $6.20 Aust.