Conservation and Restoration Endangered Heritage - Conservation and Consultancy Services. Conservation and Preservation Supplies

Art Conservation and Restoration Service from Australia. Published by Endangered Heritage on Tuesday 11 November 2014.

Conservation Services
Endangered Heritage has a fully equipped laboratory to enable the conservation of artwork, arifacts and significant heritage items.
Manufactures customised mannequins and supports in archival materials.
Provides specialist advice and conservation treatments including pest management and disaster management support and flood, fire and disaster recovery assistance.

Consultancy Services
Endangered Heritage staff have experience in Collection surveying and documentation.
Training of staff and volunteers for the care and harm minimisation of your collection.
Storage and shipping advice for traveling exhibitions and professional relocations/overseas postings.

Conservation & Preservation Supplies
Endangered Heritage has a growing range of conservation and preservation supplies available for individuals and institutions.
These include products such as
ALBOX- polypropylene boxing and photographic sleeves
INTERCEPT – anti-corrosion products
LIBERON – wood finishing and restoration products
KREMER – pigments, dyes and traditional compounds for making fine art.
A range of conservation instruments, data loggers, showcase filtration systems, adhesives, rolled and sheet products, and specialty conservation materials.