Art Advisory Services Acquisition / Buying Art

Art Consultancy Service from Australia. Published by anonymous on Tuesday 09 June 2015.

In concert with your collecting objectives we source the artwork for you from an extensive local and international network of reputable galleries, dealers, and auction houses.

As a means of maintaining our high standards of professionalism, we undertake all due diligence on your behalf, ensuring the work you are seeking to acquire is as represented by the seller and adheres to a stringent authentication process. Additionally, this affords you pay a fair and reasonable market price. We guide you through the acquisition process, from assessing condition reports to negotiating the transaction to transporting the work to your preferred premises.

In brief, we provide:
Access to high quality art from leading galleries and auction houses
Negotiation of private transactions
An opinion and recommendation on existing or proposed acquisitions
Impartial yet informed advice based on price research and due diligence
Coordination of transport, storage and installation