Collection planning and advice

Art Collection Management Service from Australia. Published by anonymous on Monday 20 July 2015.

“What are you trying to achieve with your collection?” The most important decisions that shape any art collection are often made before any artworks are purchased.

Client education and deciding on an area in which to collect and a direction are crucial in developing good collections. This can involve reading, formal classes, gallery and museum visits and a lot of discussion. It can take six to 12 months – during this period we encourage collectors not to begin buying.

“Art collecting is more than shopping.”
Once a direction has been set, building the collection involves careful decisions about not just which artists, but which artworks to buy. It is important that works in the collection sit together well, present a reasonably coherent impression and take the viewer on an unfolding journey that hopefully includes surprise, humour, insights and revelations. While it might sound pretentious, curating is just as important in a private collection as it is in a museum. All that differs are the parameters. In a museum an objective approach is paramount. In a private collector it is the passion and idiosyncracy of the collector, and what they are trying to achieve with their collection.