Artwork Valuation

Art Valuation Service from Australia. Published by anonymous on Monday 20 July 2015.

There comes a time when all private or corporate art collectors will need to have their artworks professionally valued. The main reasons that artwork valuations are undertaken by collectors are

To ensure the collection is properly covered for insurance purposes during display, storage or transport.

For collectors to keep up to date with changes in market conditions and the growth of their collection as a whole or an individual artist’s work in particular.

For accounting, superannuation and taxation reasons.

To assess the artwork and prepare it for sale.

Apart from obtaining a financial valuation for the artwork involved, a valuer will also help the collector to place the works in an historical context and evaluate the condition. They can give advice on framing and conservation of works and recommend various professionals to take out any restorative procedures.
If you would like to have an artwork valued, JE Art Consultants can offer you independent valuation