Art Business Consulting Career Services for Visual Artists

Art Consultancy Service from United States. Published by anonymous on Saturday 04 May 2019.

Professional consulting and mentoring services for visual artists and makers. Planning, marketing, and sales strategies to help creative entrepreneurs structure a business, enter the market, price their work profitably, promote and sell their work.

Carolyn Edlund is a nationally-known expert on the business of art and offers personalized consulting services to visual artists and makers.

Her background includes twenty years as a successful studio owner selling into the retail and wholesale markets, and as an outside sales representative for a top art publisher. In 2009, she founded Artsy Shark, a popular website publishing articles on marketing and sales strategies for creative entrepreneurs, and artist features.

In her role as the Executive Director of the Arts Business Institute, she presented at more than 50 art business workshops throughout the US and abroad, and wrote seven courses on art business topics. Her articles on art business topics have been widely published in industry magazines. She currently works closely with The Clark Hulings Fund for Visual Artists as a Business Accelerator facilitator, conference speaker, and through creating educational business content for their digital campus.

Private consulting clients are being accepted and may learn more by visiting the Artsy Shark website.