Picture Hanging

Art General Service from United Kingdom. Published by anonymous on Tuesday 20 July 2021.

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Whether it's a single piece, a collection or a large scale item our professional picture hangers are experts in the hanging of framed art works. From choosing the correct fittings to advice for the correct positioning and hanging style you can be absolutely certain that your invaluable works of art will be in the safest hands.

We provide professional picture hanging services primarily in London but we also regularly operate in the home counties. Arrangements can also be made to attend locations across the UK and even abroad.

Although it seems it should be the simplest part of decorating your home or business, hanging artwork can be more complicated than choosing the artwork itself. This is especially true if you have multiple pieces to hang upon one wall, hallway or room. We come to your home or business with fresh eyes, new ideas and perspectives to help you curate, organise, and arrange your collection. Our professional picture hangers arrive with a clean & well equipped tool kit with up-to-date hanging systems and pride ourselves on providing courteous and professional advice to help you find the best solutions for your hanging requirements.

Our professional picture hanging service can suggest a variety of solutions for securely hanging art works if you are concerned with them being removed, stolen or tampered with. Whether you are installing in a hotel lobby, office, art gallery or even your own home and need that extra sense of security that your art can not be easily removed we are equipped with specialist security fixings and can advise on their suitability and use.