Business Coach for Online Artists Looking to get your artwork online but need some help?

Art Consultancy Service from New Zealand. Published by Emily and Blair on Sunday 24 July 2022.

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Do you need some one-on-one help to get your art business going online? Are you stuck trying to grow your existing art business? Or are you thinking about selling your art business and don't want to make any mistakes? I can help you with any of these stages in your online art journey.

If you want to work with an experienced business coach, one-on-one, through a proven step by step process to start and grow your art business, then lets connect

My name is Blair Quane and I’ve been online for many years and owned 14 websites. I’ve grown and sold websites as well as 2 bricks and mortar businesses. So, I have the experience in different types of businesses to give you the help you need today.

My coaching and our resource website at is specially developed for artists and will help you surge forward with your business, with the help and support you need to get there.

Because you actually work with me and not some hired help, there are a limited number of slots available so if you want to get your journey online underway with my support then let’s do this!

Click the link to schedule a free call with me today.