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Art After Hours at Art Gallery of NSW


Art After Hours presents a range of events inspired by the Archibald Prize. Hear the artists, sitters, and comedians offer their take on this year’s exhibition.


25 Mar. Fenella Kernebone, presenter, ABC TV Sunday Arts, in conversation with Ben Quilty, Archibald Prize artist

1 Apr. Barry Otto, actor and artist, on the Archibald Prize

8 Apr. Jean Kittson, comedian, on the Archibald Prize

15 Apr. Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton, creators of Sass and Bide, on being hung in the Archibald Prize

22 Apr. Craig Schuftan, Triple J Culture Club presenter, A short history of angst and art in the 20th century

29 Apr. Moya Sayer-Jones in conversation with Paul Jackson, Packing Room Prize winner, and his subject Flacco, aka Paul Livingston.

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Asian Art Events throughout Autumn at AGNSW

• Arts of Asia: Daily 12noon, incorporating: Korean dreams
• Korean dreams: Wednesdays 7.15pm
• Gallery highlights: in Cantonese, Tuesdays 11am
• Gallery highlights: in Mandarin, Thursdays 11am
• Gallery highlights: in Japanese, Fridays 11am

Saturday 7 March 2009, 12noon – 5pm
Enter the intellectual, cultural and artistic life of Joseon period Korea. Featuring artist and collector Lee Ufan, Musée Guimet curator Pierre Cambon and Gregory Evon, Korean Studies, University of New South Wales and Michael Atherton, founding chair of music, University of Western Sydney. Registration and music in the exhibition from 12noon with Hyun Sook Lim kayagum (zither) and Woon Hee Lee, dae gum (flute)
$50 full, $40 members, $30 concession (full time student with ID) includes afternoon tea.
Book online>

Artist discussion: Emotion and South Asian performing arts
Wednesday, 11 March 2009, 5.30-6.30pm
Centenary Auditorium
India’s classical arts are based on rasa, the nine key sentiments of human emotion – love, courage, compassion, wonder, joy, fear, disgust, anger and serenity. Performing artists seek to arouse, release and transform emotions in the audience. Rasa is a Sanskrit word for taste, essence or flavour and the full and harmonious expression of emotion may be compared to a delicious and well-balanced meal. How has the expression of rasa adapted as Indian arts move across cultures? Join the creators and performers of Rasa Unmasked, a Casula Powerhouse and Sydney Opera House Studio Theatre production for a practitioners’ view on the expression of emotion. Anandavalli, artistic director Lingalayam Dance Company, Dr Alex Dea, composer and ethnomusicologist and Ramil Ibrahim, artistic director Sutra Dance Theatre , Malaysia are in conversation with Dr Kalpana Ram, Associate Professor in Anthropology, Macquarie University.
Free. No bookings required.

Tuesdays beginning 17 March 2009
1-2pm Domain Theatre
You may be able to tell a sari from a sarong or a kimono from a cheongsam, but how much do you know about the stories behind these unique forms of Asian dress? Throughout history enormous attention has been lavished on the construction of garments and accessories and the significance attached to colour, materials and symbolism. The course covers the sartorial splendour of traditional Asian dress in Term 1, and in Term 2 considers the modern era when many Asian countries reinvented dress as a statement of national identity.
Full program>

Tuesdays in May 2009, 11.30am
• 5 May – Jackie Menzies, head curator of Asian art
• 12 May – Claire Hoon Pallardy, artist
• 19 May – Betty Kim, calligrapher
• 26 May – Dr Pankaj Mohan, lecturer, department of Korean studies, University of Sydney

Wednesdays open until 9pm
Celebrity talks in conjunction with Korean dreams
Wednesdays, 6.30pm
• 27 May – Sun Park, actress and former Hi-5 presenter
• 3 June – Simon Barker, drummer, who has worked with Korean traditional pansori singer Bae Il Tong
More information >

Free holiday performance
20 – 24 April 2009 (Mon-Fri) 1.30pm
Korean traditional dance with Min Sun Song Dance Academy

14 – 24 April 2009 (Mon-Fri)
Discover beautiful animals and symbolic creatures and make your own decorative art puppetry.
$25 – $30 depending on age. Bookings essential: (02) 9225 1740
More information >

Saturday 2 May 2009, 11am – 4pm
Make a lotus lantern, get your name written in Korean hangeul letters, watch a tea demonstration and experience traditional Korean costume. All events are free.
Presented by Korean Traditional Tea Association and Jong Bop Sa Temple

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Art After Hours at Art Gallery of NSW

Wednesday 14 January 2009
14 January 2009

5.30PM court 9
SPECIAL PERFORMANCE in association with Monet and the Impressionists
A blend of illusion, mime and magic with the Etcetera Duo

5.30PM upper level
EXHIBITION TALK in Half Light: Portraits from Black Australia
Emily McDaniel, multimedia artist and Gallery Indigenous teacher/lecturer
Join Emily for a discussion about this first major survey of the work of Australian Indigenous artists creating photographic portraits.

6.30PM central court
CELEBRITY TALK in association with Monet and the Impressionists
Annabel Crabb, political journalist Sydney Morning Herald
Annabel Crabb has come to the fore as Australia’s undisputed queen of political sketch writing, loved by her readers for the deceptively gentle skewering she performs on the subjects. Tonight her subject is Monet.

Please note: The film program will be in recess for 3 months while the Domain Theatre is being refurbished. Screenings will resume in March 09.

7.30PM lower level 1
ARTBAR in association with Monet and the Impressionists
Be entertained by the Eddie Bronson Duo with classic French tunes.

• Monet and the Impressionists
• Half light: portraits from Black Australia
• Country Culture Community
• Genji: The world of the Shining Prince
• The late landscape paintings of Horace Trenerry

To see the full program go to:

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16th Biennale of Sydney

in association with BIENNALE OF SYDNEY

Screening features, documentary and experimental film selected from 100 years of cinema, this series examines revolutions in their many diverse forms. This month see Entr’acte (Dir: René Clair, 1924) with L’Age d’Or (Dir: Luis Buñuel, 1930), Rocking the foundations (Dir: Pat Fiske, 1985), Zero for conduct (Dir: Jean Vigo, 1933) with La jetée (Dir: Chris Marker, 1962) and The battle of Algiers (Dir: Gillo Pontecorvo, 1965).

Until 7 Sept
Wed 2pm & 7.15pm
Sun 2pm

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The Lost Buddhas

Chinese Buddhist art Symposium Fri 29 & Sat 30 August

Leading scholars from Europe, the United States and Australia provide insight into Chinese Buddhist art, taking into account history, religious studies, art history and archaeology. More information

Bookings essential.

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