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Guildford Lane Gallery (Closed)

FOREST – Session #3.
The finale of Forest, a series of live installation and sound art, promises to be an interesting exploration between improv and the harmonisation of art and sound.
Last week’s show saw the ties between the artists grow as they tuned into each other’s sensibility, examining the defining point between the creation and completion of artistic expression.
During this weeks performance the artists will be roaming the space and audience participation encouraged during three 20min sets.
Artists will include visual artist AUDREY ALCALA, music composer EVAN LAWSON on clarinet, percussion and voice; and musician MEGAN CLUNE on clarinet and melodica.
Doors open 6pm,
Performance starts 7pm.

Comment made 12 years ago on Saturday 07 March 2009

Guildford Lane Gallery (Closed)

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances The WEDNESDAY PROJECT’s, Found Sound: The Experimental Instrument Project has moved venues.

Found Sound has moved to new digs!

We would be most delighted if you could join us at a new location for this Wednesday’s Found Sound performance #2 featuring Joe Talia and Dale Gorfinkel

Where: Tape Projects 1/81 Bouverie Street Carlton (near CBD)
When: This Wednesday Feb 18th 7:30pm – 8:30pm
Who: Joe and Dale on prepared percussion, ping pong balls, modified trumpet, heat sinks, reverb tank and inventionssssss
Woo: $5

For more Information see
Found Sound: The Experimental Instrument Project

Comment made 12 years ago on Tuesday 17 February 2009