Jasmine Targett's Event Listings

Jasmine Targett
Event Title Created on
Vision Quest: Into Nature Wednesday 20 May 2015
Debbie Symons and Jasmine Targett: The Catchments Project Monday 20 April 2015
Call out to Artists, Curators, Writers, Water Savers, Enviro Harvesters and Save the Planet Geeks! Thursday 19 March 2015
Blind Spot Wednesday 04 June 2014
Crumbling Ecologies Saturday 21 April 2012
WONDERLAND: New Contemporary Art from Australia Tuesday 07 February 2012
Making Sense Tuesday 30 August 2011
Inside the Realm of Invisible Spheres Thursday 25 June 2009
Colour Accord Thursday 01 January 2009
Losing the Unique Thursday 01 January 2009