anonymous's Event Listings

Event Title Created on
My Paint Brush Narrative: Paintings by Olivia Kapoor Sunday 03 December 2017
Metamorphosis: Oppositions and Evolutions Wednesday 08 November 2017
The New Flux: Naturalizing the Art of Painting Tuesday 10 October 2017
Illumination: An Exhibition of Fine Art Photography Tuesday 10 October 2017
FIAT#LUX - The Immersive Exhibition Sunday 17 September 2017
Pathways: Blurring the Lines Monday 11 September 2017
Breaking with Realism: Meditations on Emotion Wednesday 30 August 2017
Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition: The Best of 2017 Thursday 10 August 2017
The Chelsea International Photography Competition Tuesday 08 August 2017
Enigmatic Visions: Beauty in the Details Monday 17 July 2017
Sensorial Realities: Voyages Onward Thursday 29 June 2017
The Elixir of Color Wednesday 31 May 2017
Unbound Perspectives: Overlooking The New Wednesday 31 May 2017
New Imaginings in Portal to Dreams Friday 05 May 2017
New Digital Realities in Illumination: An Exhibition of Fine Art Photography Friday 05 May 2017
Creating New Textures in Elemental Realms Thursday 04 May 2017
New Digital Realities in Illumination: An Exhibition of Fine Art Photography Thursday 04 May 2017
Creating New Textures in Elemental Realms Thursday 04 May 2017
New Imaginings in Portal to Dreams Thursday 04 May 2017
The Fire Within: A Solo Exhibition of Ceramics by Susan Kadish Wednesday 12 April 2017
Portal to Enigma: The Possibilities of Abstraction Wednesday 12 April 2017
Persistence of Form: The Power of Representation Wednesday 12 April 2017
Contemporary Perspectives: The New Art History Friday 17 March 2017
Spatial Fluidity: Interacting With Art Friday 17 March 2017
The Saturated Palette Monday 20 February 2017
Portals of Perception: Deep Thoughts in Painting Monday 20 February 2017
Mélange of Milieu: Defying Category Thursday 09 February 2017
Emerging Visions Saturday 14 January 2017
Plurality of Expression Saturday 14 January 2017
Enigmatic Realms: Endless Worlds Wednesday 14 December 2016
Kaleidoscope of the Mind: Messages From The Cutting Edge Wednesday 14 December 2016
Landscapes of the Mind Wednesday 16 November 2016
Sensorial Perspectives Wednesday 16 November 2016
The modern photographer in Illumination: An Exhibition of Fine Art Photography Wednesday 19 October 2016
Divergent Realities Wednesday 19 October 2016
Idiosyncratic Expressions at Agora Gallery this October! Thursday 22 September 2016
Te Hirangi: Wendy Gillespie / a Solo Exhibition at Agora Gallery NYC Thursday 22 September 2016
Masters of the Imagination: The Latin American Fine Art Exhibition Thursday 01 September 2016
Interpretive Realms Thursday 01 September 2016
Ardian Tragaj / a solo exhibition Thursday 01 September 2016
Unbound Perspectives Tuesday 16 August 2016
The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition Monday 25 July 2016
Dynamic Visions: A diverse range of artists creates many views of nature Friday 01 July 2016
The French Perspective: Contemporary Art from France Tuesday 28 June 2016
Figuratively Speaking Tuesday 28 June 2016
Pathway to Abstraction: Setting the Course for a New View of Abstract Art Tuesday 31 May 2016
Mélange of Milieu Monday 30 May 2016
Kelley Millet: Free Falling / a solo exhibition Monday 30 May 2016
A Moment in Time Thursday 12 May 2016
Elixir of Nature Thursday 12 May 2016
Out From Down Under & Beyond: Fine Art from Australia & New Zealand Thursday 12 May 2016
Metamorphosis: Banjerd Lekkong a Solo Exhibition Thursday 12 May 2016
Illumination: An Exhibition of Fine Art Photography Wednesday 06 April 2016
Solitary Spaces Wednesday 06 April 2016
Forms and Formalities Thursday 03 March 2016
A Collective of Asian Art: East Meets West Thursday 03 March 2016
In Light of Being: Nonye Ikegwuoha / a solo exhibition Thursday 03 March 2016
A Journey of Epic Proportions: “From Here to There” Wednesday 10 February 2016
Fragmented Reality: An Exhibition in NYC Tuesday 19 January 2016
Telling Many Stories: Plurality of Expression Thursday 24 December 2015
Aesthetic Adventures: Two Exhibitions Come to Agora Gallery Monday 07 December 2015
The Physical and the Temporal: Two Shows at Agora Gallery of Form & Context Tuesday 03 November 2015
Three Shows at Agora Gallery Question Expression and Interpretation Wednesday 07 October 2015
Three Exciting New Shows in New York City This October Sunday 20 September 2015
An International Celebration of Art at Agora Gallery Sunday 30 August 2015
The Summer Scene: Art in NYC Thursday 13 August 2015
Conversations and Color Revolutions: Two New Exhibitions in NYC Sunday 07 June 2015
Bodies and Spaces: Two Collective Exhibitions at Agora Gallery Monday 18 May 2015
Exploring Mediums & The World @ Agora Gallery This April/May Sunday 19 April 2015