anonymous's Event Listings

Event Title Created on
REVERIE: Featuring AUDRA WEASER Friday 14 September 2018
“THE ART OF FASHION” Saturday 25 August 2018
HALF NAKED Sunday 10 June 2018
CONCRETE JUNGLE Friday 06 April 2018
“ENDLESS SUMMER” Friday 06 April 2018
URBAN FLORA Saturday 03 March 2018
DECONSTRUCTING GENDER Tuesday 16 January 2018
“THE NEW FIGURATIVE” Saturday 28 October 2017
“Fourth Wall" Saturday 16 September 2017
Deconstructing Allusion: Featuring Greg Miller Saturday 17 June 2017
“Contemporary Consciousness” Thursday 25 May 2017
“Saddle Up” New Works by Billy Schenck Friday 12 May 2017
New Works by JAMES VERBICKY Wednesday 22 February 2017
JoAnne Artman Gallery at CONTEXT, New York, Booth C211 Friday 20 January 2017
THIS IS AMERICA II Wednesday 11 January 2017
Breaking Ground II Thursday 29 December 2016
“Kinetic Energy” Featuring Lee Waisler Saturday 19 November 2016
JoAnne Artman Gallery, Presents:
“Fourth Wall” New Work by Brooke Shaden Wednesday 21 September 2016
“Song of the Reed Flute” New Works by International Artist RIMI YANG Thursday 14 July 2016
JoAnne Artman Gallery, Presents:
“This Is America” New Works by AMERICA MARTIN Saturday 25 June 2016
JoAnne Artman Gallery Presents “Breaking Ground: Redefining the Urban Experience” Featuring John “CRASH” Matos Thursday 19 May 2016
JoAnne Artman Gallery Presents “Semiotics” Featuring James Verbicky Thursday 28 April 2016
JoAnne Artman Gallery Presents “Pared Down Synchronicity” Featuring Jane Maxwell and Matt Devine Thursday 14 April 2016
JoAnne Artman Gallery Presents “The Invisible Thread of the Marvelous” Featuring Jessica McCambly Thursday 14 April 2016
“The Back Room” A Group Exhibition, including artists Anthony Hunter and Pedro Bonnin Friday 08 April 2016
JoAnne Artman Gallery at CONTEXT New York 2016 (Booth C17) Saturday 02 April 2016
JoAnne Artman Gallery at the Affordable Art Fair 2016 (Booth 1.4) Friday 19 February 2016
“THIS IS AMERICA” New Works by Colombian-American Painter America Martin Thursday 17 December 2015
“POPULATION DEFACED” Featuring Ray Turner Tuesday 15 December 2015
"Not So Plain Jane" featuring Jane Maxwell Friday 11 December 2015
“Playing House” Featuring Conceptual Photographer Suzanne Heintz Saturday 07 November 2015
“Spirit in the Sky” Featuring Fine Art Photographer Jana Cruder Saturday 07 November 2015
JoAnne Artman Gallery, Presents in the Main Gallery: “Lei·sure” Featuring Eric Zener and James Rieck Thursday 22 October 2015