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Locative Iphone Applications

It turns out that tramtracker will plot map points. I’d just never noticed the button. It shows the few closest stops. For this app, its all thats required I guess. There must be the ability to show a much wider area.

Comment made 13 years ago on Thursday 06 August 2009

Locative Iphone Applications

I use ‘Now playing’ – an iPhone app for finding nearby cinemas and session times. Some cinemas are even enabled for ticket purchasing via the application. Tramtracker is another GPS enabled application that will locate nearby tram stops and tram times. Both are well written.

Having the option to enter an address to find nearby exhibitions would be great for people wishing to plan in advance and not just look at their immediate surroundings. The ability to plot the locations on to a google map would also be another plus. I am yet to see a location based iphone app integrates with google maps though. They may exist?

Comment made 13 years ago on Monday 03 August 2009