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The Systems That Shape Us by Aya Okawa

Great concept and execution.

Keith Wong


Stepping Out | Best in Show | Cheryl Eggleston

Love this

Gallery Ring awards Lance Bukove a Diamond Award of Excellence!

I love this!

Welcome Rose Collins!



Beautiful writing!

Michael Manente Wins Best in Show Honors

I love this work


Lovely image.

Bernadette Trench-Thiedeman


David Manley


James Parrett

Love the multi colour.

Wallace & Gromit and friends: The magic of Aardman

Always a classic.

Installations at White Night Melbourne

It would be great if they installed one of these permanently in the Melbourne CBD somewhere!

Understanding your Digital SLR Camera and Photography Short Course

This looks really good. Hope it continues in 2018.

Jaz Harold


Ocean Imaginaries

Love this.

Claire Anna Watson - 'Neoplasm'

I love this work.

Linking practice thread

If you’d like to practice creating hyperlinks using ‘textile’ – the markdown format on our website, feel free to do so in this thread!

the text you want to display needs to be surrounded in double quotation marks like this “hello world”

You then follow that immediately (no space) with a colon

“hello world”:

You then follow that immediately with the URL you want to link to, starting with http://

hello world

Op Art

Looks great!


Sounds fun Max!

'DUMBSH*T VIDEO ART', curated by Stefan Popescu

This looks really, really good.

On the Body Reception

Very strange. Love it.

Katya Petetskaya: The Spills

Beautiful! Reminds me of Lara Merrett’s work.

Debut Xii

Who is the first work by?

Telling Many Stories: Plurality of Expression

Gorgeous, love that Scott Forsyth work.

Andy Warhol and Ai Weiwei

Folks, the Art.Base’s review is here.

Natasha Frisch

Natasha, check this out


There’s some amazing work on your website!

I love this

Damon Clarke

Surreal and amazing.

Janice Gobey


From Spaces Past

Hi, what were the actual dates that this show was on?

PolArt 2015 presents Polish Connections

Have you seen the work of Alicia Grecka? Another Polish artist in Melbourne. She has shown at the NGV previously.

Swan Street Artists Group exhibition

Lots of Facebook likes!

An elephant in the room


PUBLIC Platform

This looks great.


Reminds me of this Cybil Curtis work.

“Spirit in the Sky” Featuring Fine Art Photographer Jana Cruder

Great photos and awesome concept!

Barbie on a spiritual journey of self-determinism.

ARTIST ROOMS: Dan Flavin – Tate St Ives

Hi Neha, feel free to make an organisation profile for the Indian Art Ideas website, it’s free.

Anj Smith


Liquid Architecture

That picture is mental.

Susan Wald - Theatre Paintings & Monoprints

These are great Susan, very dark!

Monika Feuerstein solo exhibition

I love the shower point of view.


This looks awesome, is the Dan Armstrong piece a video projection?

Place and Space

Fascinating, some great work.

Konstantin Dimopoulos

Great works. How much is the second piece?


The Drone Opera would be a good candidate


This is lovely, how much is it?

Janet Tavener - 'Memento'

These are amazing.

On the Edge of Becoming


Romuald Hazoumè

looks awesome.

Gorgeous Jewellery

Love these flower-rings by Luke Maninov

How to format text using Textile & practice thread

Ok we’ve found an issue with the links, if you use curly double quotation marks the links won’t work. It has to be the straight double quotation marks. The specific keys you need to use will vary depending on your keyboard and operating system.

How to format text using Textile & practice thread


How to format text using Textile & practice thread


Call out to Artists, Curators, Writers, Water Savers, Enviro Harvesters and Save the Planet Geeks!

..and Debbie!

Call out to Artists, Curators, Writers, Water Savers, Enviro Harvesters and Save the Planet Geeks!

Love the sound of this project Jasmine.

Janet Parker-Smith - 'Questionable Intentions'

Love it!

Sergey Sologub: Island & Giuseppe Linardi: DECODED#LNDN


Activate, animate, complicate, grow: what new acquisitions can do to and for the collection


Sculpture Park


Mettle - NMIT Graduate Jewellery Exhibition

Those two pieces look great!

Website Updates

Organisation profiles now allow you to add social network links.

We strongly recommend you add your Facebook and Twitter links, as we have plans to use these in the announcements we make on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

At the moment they just generate links on your Organisation Profile’s ‘Contact’ page, like this:

Website Updates

Hi Y’all

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Then your profile page will look like this:

Do People want this on the Person Profile as well?

Guildford Lane Gallery (Closed)

This is interesting

Float - Nomad

This looks awesome. Does it mean people can’t use the space?



Alyssa di Edwardo

Love your work Alyssa.

Cathryn McEwen

Great stuff Cathryn, you can really feel the water.

Beer artwork at RMIT Grad Show

Does anyone know the name of the artist who made a homebrew beer for the RMIT Grad art show last year?

Same piece tweeted here

Email Newsletter archives

We’ll paste links to the email newsletter here so that people can see the historic emails sent out, they aren’t easy to access otherwise.

This week’s can be seen here

How to add Artist Opportunities on Artabase

Opportunities Closing Soon can now be seen quickly on the front page of the website.

Call for artists: Artist Residency Program in Budapest, 2015

Hi Beata, you should list this as an “Event” and choose “Opportunity” as the Event Type.



How to format text using Textile & practice thread

Here’s how to create a link:

I searched Google

will look like:

I searched Google

How to format text using Textile & practice thread

I’m testing how to show you the code shortcuts here:

There are two ways to create bold text

I am <b>very</b> serious.
I am very serious.

How to format text using Textile & practice thread

At the moment our website uses ‘Textile’ to format text.

The full reference is here

In summary, you can use Textile to add headings, italics, links, bold text etc.

Feel free to use this thread to ask questions and to practice your formatting.

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Here’s a nice example

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Stuart Elliott

Love this.

Reflections: tales from within the crystal

This looks incredible

Jacinda Bayne

Beautiful work!

Paula M Cordeiro

Hi Paula, your work looks lovely.

Bob Booth

Amazing self portrait Bob.

Precious Metals

Some pretty intersting stuff on the cocksucker bruise tumbler

David Curelea

Love the self portrait with half black & white and half colour!


Beautiful work Maess!

The Other Side

Love these!

Rod Moss: Whitegate - Where Life and Art Meet

I love your work Rod. Great topics, great lighting and colours.

Markus Kahre

Was it at Crescendo at ACCA?


I love your work tchmo

Seabastion Toast

Looks a bit like your stuff

Sam Grigorian

Veh cool


I love the boat painting.

Scribd for media releases

Is anyone else using Scribd for media releases?

The Australia Council is

It’s a better format than sending out PDFs for online marketing, because the text can be copied and pasted. PDFs don’t always work with copy and paste, they often have a lot of excess line breaks.

Art Verona Italy

ART VERONA, October 10. 2013 – October 14. 2013

Marcus Jansen at ART VERONA

Represented by
Maria Bianca Rizzi & Matthias Ritter Gallery, Milan, Italy.

Marcus Jansen, has become a household name not just in Florida State or in the United States, perhaps easily marked by his cover appearance on the Alumni National publication “New American Paintings No. 94” in 2011 with his work “Creeping Obstacles in Kansas.” A 135×88″ sweeping size canvas that sold the same year to his biggest private collector in Naples who owns the largest Jansen collection of any private collector in the world.

According to long time art dealer Glenn Lorchi. “It has been my opinion that”New American Paintings" has been especially stingy when selecting Florida artists in the past. The publication is a juried collection of regional artist work. They split the country into four regions and publish four different select collections. Marcus is the first artist from Florida on the cover that I can remember." said Lorchi. Jansen’s work then was selected by no other than Dan Cameron, (Founder of the largest American Biennial, the US Biennial inc. and currently the Chief Curator at the Orange County Museum of Art in California).

This year Jansen was already recently the winner of the "Aesthetica Art Prize 2013, United Kingdom, the “Dave Bown Projects” Award 2012 in the United States and the “Art Laguna Art Prize” 2013 in March that took place in Venice Italy with Jansen being the only American painter selected among an International panel of jurors that included: Lina Lazaar, (Great Britain, Expert in International Contemporary Art for Sotheby’s), Sabine Schasch, (Switzerland, Director and Curator of Kunsthaus Basel), Adam Budak,(United States, Curator of Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden of Washington) and many other high profile jurors from across the globe. The International selection that consisted of Painters, Photographers, Sculptors and Installation artists were presented at the Arsenale-Venice, Tese di san Cristoforo, Venice Italy early 2013.

Art Verona was conceived of, and initiated by, Danilo Vignati, the president of Fullsteam s.r.l., a company specialised in art events, and Massimo Simonetti who for twenty-five years had been a well-known gallery owner. The first edition took place between 13 and 16 October 2005 and immediately aroused great interest. It was a totally unexpected event and at once caught the attention of the art world because of its insistence on high quality and of its decision to invite only Italian galleries with the highest profile. Year after year, innovation after innovation, it has grown both in quality and in its success among critics and the public. And now, in part because of its particular approach, it is considered one of the few important Italian events that absolutely cannot be missed.
Jansen’s Museum collections include The PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art, The New Britain Museum of American Art, The Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA), The Housatonic Museum of Art, CT, The Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art and the Smithsonian Institution. He is also one of the ABSOLUT VODKA artist’s along side names like Damien Hirst, Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. Jansen’s work has appeared in News media such as the The Boston Globe, the New York Times, Art News, Art in America and Vanity Fair Italy. His work will be at the International Auction house Phillips de Pury Moscow and Geneva in 2014.

Art Verona Italy

Marcus Jansen at ART VERONA, Italy


ART VERONA, October 10. 2013 – October 14. 2013

Marcus Jansen was the cover artist for the Alumni publication “New American Paintings No. 94” in 2011 with his work “Creeping Obstacles in Kansas.” A 135×88″ sweeping size canvas that sold the same year to his biggest private collector in Naples who owns the largest Jansen collection of any private collector in the world.

According to long time Florida art dealer Glenn Lorchi. “It has been my opinion that”New American Paintings" has been especially stingy when selecting Florida artists in the past. The publication is a juried collection of regional artist work. They split the country into four regions and publish four different select collections. Marcus is the first artist from Florida on the cover that I can remember." said Lorchi. Jansen’s work then was selected by Dan Cameron, (Founder of the largest American Biennial, the US Biennial inc. and currently the Chief Curator at the Orange County Museum of Art in California).

This year Jansen was already selected the winner of the "Aesthetica Art Prize 2013, United Kingdom, the “Dave Bown Projects” Award 2012 in the United States and the “Art Laguna Art Prize” 2013 in March that took place in Venice Italy with Jansen being the only American painter selected among an International panel of jurors that included: Lina Lazaar, (Great Britain, Expert in International Contemporary Art for Sotheby’s), Sabine Schasch, (Switzerland, Director and Curator of Kunsthaus Basel), Adam Budak,(United States, Curator of Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden of Washington) and many other high profile jurors from across the globe. The International selection that consisted of Painters, Photographers, Sculptors and Installation artists were presented at the Arsenale-Venice, Tese di san Cristoforo, Venice Italy early 2013.

Art Verona was conceived of, and initiated by, Danilo Vignati, the president of Fullsteam s.r.l., a company specialised in art events, and Massimo Simonetti who for twenty-five years had been a well-known gallery owner. The first edition took place between 13 and 16 October 2005 and immediately aroused great interest. It was a totally unexpected event and at once caught the attention of the art world because of its insistence on high quality and of its decision to invite only Italian galleries with the highest profile. Year after year, innovation after innovation, it has grown both in quality and in its success among critics and the public. And now, in part because of its particular approach, it is considered one of the few important Italian events that absolutely cannot be missed.

Jansen will be showing at ART VERONA with a formal introduction to an Italian audience in preparation for his planned solo Museum show in Italy in 2014. He will be represented by Galleria Maria Bianca Rizzi & Matthias Ritter. Pad 11 – Stand G18

Jansen’s Museum collections include The PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art, The New Britain Museum of American Art, The Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA), The Housatonic Museum of Art, CT, The Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art and the Smithsonian Institution. He is also one of the ABSOLUT VODKA artist’s along side names like Damien Hirst, Andy Warhol and Keith Haring. Jansen’s work has appeared in News media such as the The Boston Globe, the New York Times, Art News, Art in America and Vanity Fair Italy. His work will be at the International Auction house Phillips de Pury Moscow and Geneva in 2014.

The Art Verona takes place October 10. 2013 – October 14. 2013. Please contact Terry Tincher for free VIP tickets prior to event: or visit Jansen’s Headquarters


Maria Bianca Rizzi & Matthias Ritter:


Marguerite Duras' The Lover

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Artists of the week

Nic Brown

Alex Pye

The Little Black Gallery

Cute gallery! What did the building used to be?

Also as an FYI, you can use formatting to make a link

Artists of the week

Neil Taylor

Christian Meinhardt

Artists of the week

Tricky Walsh

Carolyn Cardinet

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

Don’t know what was going on there

Formatting / Markup Help and practise...

Formatting / Markup Help and practise...


Formatting / Markup Help and practise...


Formatting / Markup Help and practise...


Formatting / Markup Help and practise...


Formatting / Markup Help and practise...

blog link

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

With the link working this time


4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

New 4A Edition by Owen Leong.":

Artists of the week

Moya Mckenna

claudia phares

Artists of the week

Lucy Dyson

James Lynch

Artists of the week

Elisabeth Bodey

Alison Locke

Paper Art

Fantastic blog on artworks made with Paper.

Includes some coverage of Natasha Frisch’s awesome work


Extended to September 27th!

Artists of the week

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeke

Glenn Walls

Julia Silvester


Artists of the week

Derek L Newton

Kate Just

Artists of the week

Nele Hoffmann

Anthony Magen

Artists of the week

Jemila MacEwan

Anastasia Klose

Psych Art

Some great work by J.Hass

Artists of the week

David Rosado

Sergej Jensen

Artists of the week

Toby Exton

David Martin

Artists of the week

Sam Mertens

Sean Fennesy

Artists of the week

Peter Kennedy

Siobhan Munday

Sam Mertens

Great work Sam.

Artists of the week

Janina Green
Hiroshi Sugimoto

Artists of the week

Tara Gilbee

“Kim Bridgland”

Artists of the week

Sylvie Blocher

Rocio Perez Vallejo

CALL FOR ENTRIES $600 art prize

Hiya SJS Gallery

send your artist opps to to get in the email list.

~ Artabase

Artists of the week

Kate James

Clare McCracken

Artists of the week

Emily Valentine Bullock

Joanna Mortreux

Artists of the week

Marc Standing

Patrick Christie

Rose Holdaway

Beautiful Rose!

Swamp by Lucy Selleck

This show is great, check it out if you’re in Fitzroy in the next couple of weeks.

Artists of the week

Lucy Irvine

Jane Sawyer

Len Breen

Interesting stuff Len.

Artists of the week

Gus Kollar

Steve Rosendale

Artabase on Pinterest

Great page on Pinterest showing popular content from Artabase, see if your work is there

Artists of the week

Peter Alwast

Dominic Fonde

Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes 2012

People’s choice winners announced

Artists of the week

Bianca Elencevski

Georgina Lee

Music Videos

Fantastic new video by Kirin J Callinan over at MessAndNoise

Artists of the week

Jayne Dyer

Kerry Strauss

Artists of the week

Sophia Szilagyi

Garry Woods

Artists of the week

Bindi Cole

Greg Semu

Bordeaux Hyatt: Faux Pas

Hi Jessica

Donna has found her new home on my wall. Absolutely love it, thanks so much for the great piece.

Artists of the week

Elizabeth Gower

Cathy Blanchflower

Artists of the week

Sheridan Mills

Alessandra Sanguinetti

The Exchange Program 1

This looks really beautiful.

Artists of the week

Anna Glynn

Rhys Burnie

Artists of the week

Plamen Yordanov

m. Leaf-tierney

Simon Pericich

Artists of the week

Christopher Hodson

Louis Patterson

Lauren Bamford

m. Leaf-tierney




Pedro Paricio




Plamen Yordanov

love the double mobius strip

Anna Glynn


Rhys Burnie

Love that Pine Gap spider picture. Would have loved to buy it myself.

Artists of the week

Albert Namatjira

Karen Standke

Ash Keating

Let us know when your new website’s ready Ash.

Artists of the week

Joanne Jo

The Girls artist duo Zoe Sinclair & Andrea Blood

Artists of the week

Jacqueline Bradley
Emily Windon

Artists of the week


Helen Pynor

Lionel Bawden


Janet Cumbrae-Stewart


Pantea Rahmani

very dramatic

Amanda Marburg


Roe Ethridge


Artists of the week

Adam Holbrook

Kate Bernauer

Newspaper Fiction: The New York Journalism of Djuna Barnes, 1913-1919

Would love to read some of these pieces, does anyone know where they are available?

Speliotis photo / video

Hey Speliotis

You can make links using the markdown formatting below the comment box.

Rachel Kneebone: Regarding Rodin

These are awesome.

Artists of the week

Sam Leach

Kelly Hussey-Smith

Artists of the week

Kate Ellis

Mari Hirata

Konstantin Datz


Artists of the week

Merilyn Fairskye

David Manley

Sophia Szilagyi

This is really pretty.

Nancy Mauro-Flude

We changed the url, thanks for the update

Jessica Honey

Great work Jessica

melissa vogley woods


Steele Thyagarajan

I love this photo.

Ken Smith


Bernhard Hopfengärtner


Krista McRae

Great stuff.

Tanya Chaly

Disturbing, but fantastic.

Melissa Reidy

Thanks so much for letting me buy that picture Melissa, it’s fantastic, I love it.

David Manley


Chris Budgeon

Really like this photo.

Elaine Campaner


The Elements Art Exhibition is Now Online & Ready to View

Hi John

it’s worth making a link: then people are more likely to click on it. Read instructions by clicking on ‘Electric Jellyfish’ under the comment box.

Frank Hurley



I’m TOTALLY in love with that first print

Where The Water Talks

Absolutely love these wors Jacinda. Especially Talking Water Place

Magda Cebokli


Jacinda Bayne

This is great Jacinda. Love the extreme use of colour, really captures the effect of the changing sunlight on the landscape.

Experimental sound video

Pressing Matters: Melbourne Printmaking

That second one is by Jazmina Cininas, I love her stuff! This is a gorgeous piece.

Laneway Art exhibition, Art and About Sydney


Rafael Lozano-Hemmer Recorders

Definitely one of the best artists working today.

Ikko Taniuchi

Send a message to Until Never gallery, they should be able to pass it on.

Benjamin GILBERT

This is fantastic.

Mildura Palimpsest #8

I love that dried salt work

Artwork made out of $20,000

Interesting piece in The Age about Denis Beaubois’s conceptual artwork about the valuation of art:

THE Australian dollar was last night fetching 87.5¢ … against the Australian dollar.

The artwork Currency, 2011 sold for $17,500 (plus buyers commission and GST of $3850) when it went under the hammer at Deutscher and Hackett in South Yarra last night.

That was a slightly disappointing result for a work with an estimated range of $15,000 to $25,000, and a genuine bargain for a work with a face value of $20,000.

The work, by artist Denis Beaubois, consists of 200 new $100 notes, stacked and bound in two piles, and accompanied by a list of the notes’ serial numbers.

According to the catalogue, the work ‘’raises fascinating questions’’ about the way contemporary art is valued.

The materials used by Beaubois have intrinsic value, but only if the work itself is broken up and destroyed. Intact, its value was unknown until 7.04pm last night when, under the watchful gaze of two security officers, it was auctioned to a packed house.

Beaubois funded the work with a $20,000 grant from the Australia Council. He told The Age last month he stood to make no profit from the project. ’’I’m not getting paid a cent,‘’ he said. ’’If it’s sold, the money I make will be used to finance part two of the project, which is a series of performance/video works on the division of labour, and capitalism.’’

In the end, after paying his vendor commission of 10 to 15 per cent plus GST, Beaubois is likely to have made a paper loss of about $5000. Though technically that would be a polymer loss.

He has described the subject matter of Currency as ‘’the tension between the economic value of the material against the cultural value of the art object’‘. That tension would be ’’explored through the process of the financial transaction’’ – by selling the work at auction.

Stories of Song and Dance: Performance and the Burrinja Collection

The masks look amazing!

Arts Spring Clean

Interesting idea!


Absolutely beautiful work Emma! How much are you selling them for?

Antone Bruinsma

That’s beautiful Antone!

Kerry Strauss

Looks amazing!

Tanya Chaly


Xiao Hong


You can create links using the shortcode beneath the comment box

Nature Art Exhibition Now Online and Ready to View

Hey John

You can also edit the text in the link: like this

Nature Art Exhibition

I like the wolf.

Mark Dober: After the Rain

Looove these works.

Mediums vs Media

Yeah, language is amorphous, that’s for sure.


awesome. New style that totally marries the pointellism of traditional Australian Indingenous art with the lines of Impressionism, within the dark, expressionist outlines of contemporary graphic-novel and stencil-street artworks. And through all that, a beautiful, new, and relevant capturing of the light, heat, and outback experience of life in 21th century (time-wise) but still 20th century (culturall) Australian experience.


Into the Dark

I’m really looking forward to seeing this. Didn’t make the opening as I thought it might be too packed to enjoy the work. Next week!

Rena Littleson

Can we buy your graphic novels online?

Benjamin V Walsh

This is cool.

John Pusateri


Rafaela Pandolfini

Great shots.

Paul-Felix Montewz

Very interesting project Paul-Felix. Even if you don’t make it it’s great as a conceptual artwork.

Creating a Website For Art HOW?

Wah! Don’t get tremory, we’ve had enough of that in Japan.

Ok, if you’re looking to make a website, I recommend starting simple with something like BlogSpot where you can get a site up for free, and just begin by getting familiar with the administration pages when you’ve logged in.

Once you’re confident with using a CMS (Content Management System) then you might want to look at a managed website hosting package like MR Site, where you just pay a low monthly fee, and you can buy a domain if you want as well, and sit it on top of their website software.

The choice between .com or .org really depends on your motivation. Personally, I think they’re all moot which is why I always advocate .net

You must admit, your first paragraphs didn’t make much sense.

Cine Blatz 1: Jeff Keen’s Delirious Pop-Trash Films

How sad Jackie!

I wonder if the curator from Otherfilm can shed some light on this.

Cell Art Space presents Effervescence


Emily Portmann


Adam Holbrook


Creating a Website For Art HOW?

Impressive for its complete lack of semantic continuity. BrainFuck.

Oh, it's an eerie frost


Lee Bontecou: All Freedom in Every Sense

Absolutely in love with Lee Bontecou

Favourite Video Artists

M. Leaf-tierney is my new fav.

Cassandra Tytler is an old fav.


Residency Callout - REMOTE SENSE Castlemaine

bsg $10,000 Picture This 2010 Prize & Exhibition

Less entries this year?

Glenn Walls

love the disco baseball bats

Christophe Stibio

Fantastic contrast and depth of field.

Handcrafted Homogeneity

Review on Artabase’s Blog

Therese Howard

I love miniatures!

Chris Parkinson

Very cool. Street art from East Timor.

Ian Aleksander Adams

Great photos on your website Ian.

Brian Leverton

I love this image, it’s so detailed.

Helen Clarke

I adore your work Helen.


Are you looking for life models?

… not that I’m volunteering! But I know some people who would be interested.

David Russ

You’re website’s nice David.

Pierre Ravelle-Chapuis

Very cool Pierre!

Website Updates

Also you may not have realised, but you actually have a bit of a user profile. You can see that now when logged in as well. Magic! Click on your email in the header.

Website Updates

Ok, for the first time in a long time we’ve got a little bit of time to start making fixes around here, yay! So, to begin with a couple of things which were annoying me massively; if you are logged in, and you have an artist or gallery profile, how do you find it easily?

good question! it was a pain.

Anyway it’s a bit easier now, it’s the ‘Artist Profile’ or ‘Gallery Profile’ link in the header.

Feel free to add your complaints here, stuff which is being sooked about the most will be fixed quicker.

Joanna Wolthuizen

I really like this painting Joanna

Kari Henriksen - Being at Bundanon

This is gorgeous. As good as Monet!

Helen Lehmann

I really love this piece too!

Paper, Scissors, Paint

Love it!

Jud Wimhurst


tony gorsevski

Great shot of Alphaville.

Carlos Scaranci

Can we see the animation online?

Sally Blenheim

Thought you might like this, James Turrell light artist

Sally Blenheim

You got notcotted!

Luke Hallam

Hi Luke,

Happy 2010! You got NotCotted!


caroline ierodiaconou

How large is that painting caroline?

It’s really full on! very detailed, nice work.

Street Art

I love this!

Canadian artist Sean Martindale created this interesting outdoor installation located in Grange Park, Toronto. In 24hrs, Sean used 21,633 feet of salvaged nylon string to write the word “FREE” between two parallel chain link fences. Sean explains “The word FREE refers to the public aspect of my projects, where I create work experienced primarily by accidental audiences.I outlined the word FREE by tying strings within and through the properties of the barrier / constraining structure of the chainlink fence.” This installation is a beautiful inspirational surprise in an unexpected place.

Street Art

Street Art

Some absolutely awesome paste-ups by Ludo

Commenting on Artists, Galleries and Exhibitions



Love it.

Commenting on Artists, Galleries and Exhibitions

We’ve changed the website a bit so that comments on a profile only display if you are logged in.

However, they are still visible in the discussion board if you are logged out.

The purpose of this was to make the profiles and exhibition listings a little more professional looking to casual visitors.

Insiders get more info.

What do you think?

Kristin McIver

Hi Kristin

Just wanted to say I loved “Life Less Ordinary” when it was on High st. Went past it at night all the time, it was one of my favourite installations ever!

Just noticed it on your portfolio

James Cochran

Awesome picture James.

2 studios available footscray, melb

General thread for studios here

Artist Studios for rent in Melbourne

Brunswick Street Gallery has studios for rent


BSG is opening a second Fitzroy space on the cnr of Johnston and
Brunswick Sts above the 7-Eleven. This will primarily be used as
artist studios starting at $50 a week. We are seeking to establish
a community of artists working in a variety of mediums who are looking
for a bright, centrally-located space to do their work. 24 hour
access. Lockable spaces available or open plan. All with window
overlooking Brunswick or Johnston Sts. Contact Tessa on 0450 147 588 for further information.


Artist Portfolios

Perfect composition in that first landscape shot John!

Artist Portfolios

A couple of people using the Artist Portfolios:

Sokazo Philippe

Amazing colours.

Jemila MacEwan

Beautiful Jemila!

First Interactive Music Video?

Does anyone know what the first interactive music video was?

I am putting forth the suggestion it was LABRAT by Anita Fontaine and Luke Illet. Would like to hear other suggestions if you can think of any.

LABRAT 1999.

A&E Metal Merchants presents Explorations 2009


Design after Nature

That looks amazing, what process did they use for the picture?

Slight Inclusions

Is this sewn on to the paper?


This looks really beautiful!

Something Else

These pics are really cool! Why is it the final group show? Are they all solo shows from now on?

Life drawing classes in Melbourne

Ink and Lead – Life Drawing

Wed 4 Nov. 7-9.30 at BSG.
Attention all artists, creative types and Mr Squiggles! We are launching our second venue, in FITZROY! Models Miss Nic & Jasper Jewel pose for all you artistic types and scribblers. Includes performances! Hosted by Cherry Darling M.C. Vesper White Bring a sketch pad, bring pencils. Supplies for sale on night and online. Buy tickets online Venue details


Has anyone else noticed the GEM fad happening?

I’m all for this, I love gems.

Gemma Smith was showing some giant gems at Gertrude last week, Youri Gagarine had a giant gem in his stomach (didn’t you know)

and I saw some Gems in a work Brody Condon did in Amsterdam last year (real life RPG).

I fully endorse the giant gems. Feel like I’m living in a sci-fi fantasy.


This will be a classic!

Favourite local artists

I love this light artist, solar powered light emitting fabric, nice!


I really like this work.


That skull is great!

Art Classes at The Substation Community Art Centre Newport

There’s the link!

Christian Art

I’m not a christian, but I imagine those who are will like the new James Tissot images up on this exhibition:

‘The Life of Christ’ at Brooklyn Museum

Sand animation and ephemeral art

For sure! Animated animation.

Repeat Repeat

▲ ▲

Repeat Repeat

Totally loved the little Sticks with Video rainbows and stuff happening inside them from that projected video…

Who did this piece? Is there any video online?

Vito Manfredi

That’s disgusting. I love it.

CCP - Melbourne

CCP is now open on Sundays from 1–5pm!

Image Galleries

Here’s an awesome one of images by James Ensor



Luke Hallam

I really like this drawing, if it is a drawing. So much detail! Epic lighting and contrast.

Life drawing classes in Melbourne

I think the Old Bar in Fitzroy is running life drawing classes upstairs.

Life drawing classes in Melbourne

Good idea!

Leah Heiss


Children of the Meek

This picture is creepy.

2 studios available footscray, melb

Did you get many applicants?

Snoutbreak, survived the Hamdemic?

Funny pisstake on the swine flu

Emerging Artist

Not my favourite, altho some of the figures are quite nice.

The interface is very difficult to navigate.

Attention Artists!


Sharon Feder

Love that piece Sharon. Those clouds look so physical and epic.

Ronald Coles Investment Gallery (Archived listing)

Nicholas Forrest has a good summary of the recent allegations made against this gallery.

cheap art supplies and suggestions

So I presume you save money by not having a physical shop, is that the deal?

On average how much cheaper is it than retail?

cheap art supplies and suggestions

Life drawing classes in Melbourne

I’m trying to find some cheap lifedrawing in Melbourne.

Brunswick st Gallery have a couple of regular classes, does anyone know of any others?


Thursdays 6-8pm. $12/$15. Untutored. Model, Easels, Boards supplied. Bring your own paper and drawing materials. Relaxed friendly atmosphere. Bar open at the break. No bookings required.


Tuesdays 6.30-8.30pm. Saturdays 10-12noon. Dynamic Life Drawing. Free up, discover your creative identity and find your power through drawing. Everyone’s experience of the world is different, unique and valuable and translates into intimate narratives. Classes include model, music, drawing dialogues and reviews. Assistance and strategies developed and given both from the floor and on a one on one basis. $18 per class – includes music, lighting, model and facilitation. More details on 0421 101 220 or

Technical stuff for other webby people

If you’re using Thunderbird as your email client, and want to compose some nicely formatted html emails, I strongly recommend this plugin.

It lets you edit the html in the compose window, completely helpful.

Might sound obvious but it took me a while to find it, and the file hosted on mozilla itself is out of date. The developer’s page has a newer version.


Quite an interesting video about the architectural redevelopment of the Museum of Modern Art in NY…

only a few minutes long. Explains some of the challenges they faced very well.

Aerial Landscapes of South East Queensland

Before the fires…

Great idea, looks beautiful.

The Rise and Fall

How was it? I dropped by but I was a bit early, the gallery wasn’t open yet.

Favourite local artists

! cute

Smaller Forces

This looks cool, really want to check it out

(pun intended).

Favourite local artists

I love some of this stuff by Sam Webber


Bob Knob providing us with a power point presentation of how he got and then lost his name. PPT as an artistic media! Gold, as was the baptism, naming theme of last night’s performances.


Haven’t watched these but Vernissage TV has 1,000 videos of art exhibition openings, interviews etc. Sounds great

Here’s we make money not art’s interview

GFC vs The Art Market

GFC (the global financial crisis in expert fields) has impacted the glass art market.

This video report explores how “Glass makers on the Italian island of Murano, prized through the centuries for their unique skills, face the global financial crisis”.


Sounds fun!

New Art Economy

Cory Doctorow on Macropayments


You can also follow Creative Commons Australia

Twitter is a good into to RSS-type updates for people who aren’t familiar with RSS yet.

Confidence in art market dives 81% since last May

Confidence in art market dives
January 24, 2009

CONFIDENCE levels in the contemporary art market have fallen 81 per cent since last May and may take between three and five years to recover, according to a survey by the research company ArtTactic.

ArtTactic’s Western Art Market Confidence Indicator dropped to 10.5 from 56, the lowest level reached since the survey was first conducted in May 2005, the London-based company said.

“Confidence has hit rock-bottom, but prices will fall further,” said Anders Petterson, the founder of ArtTactic.

“There’s negativity in the market that’s saying we need to get to the bottom and start again from scratch.”

The latest biennial survey of 145 US and European collectors, auction-house specialists, dealers and art advisers was taken from November 20 to December 10. It followed contemporary-art auctions in New York by Sotheby’s and Christie’s International, which raised $US125.1 million ($192.1 million) and $US113.6 million respectively with fees, below their presale lower estimates.

Almost a third of lots failed to sell at both houses. The equivalent sales in 2007 made $US315.9 million and $US325 million.

When asked how far auction prices would fall from their highs of last May, 47 per cent of respondents said they expected a drop of 30 to 50 per cent. More than half thought it would take more than three years for the market to recover. Of those, more than 50 per cent said the market may take more than five years to pick up.


… You should really watch that video, its awesome!

Here’s an older piece by Geronimo Collective, I admit to having used many of the same final cut pro effects


So wrong! Like every good night out should be.


So much great video,

Cornel’s new music video, muppetry by Gus Kemp

Van Thanh Rudd

Freaking awesome.

Matthew Quick

Spiral stairway to heaven. Ha, awesome.

new psychadelia

everytime i need a flashback i’ll come back to this thread.


?Recollecting Adams? is a 25-part web-based animation series that will
conclude in December 2009. A new episode will launch every two weeks.
The people of Adams, Massachusetts are gifted storytellers. People in
Adams really know its history and love sharing it. They weave their
personal family stories into a rich history of immigration, the mills, the
Church and more, across several generations. ?Recollecting Adams? is a
2008 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc., (aka Ether-Ore)
for its Turbulence web site.

You need Flash 9 to view these animations.

Midsumma Festival, Melbourne

Celebrating its 21st birthday this year is Midsumma, Melbourne’s annual
arts and cultural festival that, within a safe and healthy environment,
celebrates the pride and diversity of Victoria’s lesbian, gay and allied

The vast array of performing arts, visual arts and music comprises a
Carnival and T Dance at the Alexandra Gardens, Queer City – The City of
Melbourne’s Queer Visual Arts exhibition series, Yarra Arts – The City of
Yarra’s Queer Visual Arts exhibition and Pink Shorts, Midsumma’s queer
short play competition at the RMIT Kaleide Theatre from 3 Feb to 7

Midsumma is now recruiting volunteers to assist in all aspects of the 2009 Festival, whether it’s front of house for one of our premier events or assisting with Carnival. There is also the opportunity to gain great
experience in Visual Arts and Theatre production from set-up to promotion.

Whatever your interests and skills, we want you to join us in making
Midsumma’s Queer Coming of Age the very best it can be!

new psychadelia

this stuff is awesome!
arnaud loumeau

Other art websites

What do you guys think of artslant?

2 studios available footscray, melb

Find anyone?

Good front pages

The heading on the Triple J hottest 100 is awesome

Trigger: Game Art

The Golden Shower ‘Video Computer System’ animation is available on Vimeo at


Very cool miniature artist.

Aovana Timmerman

This piece looks amazing. Great colours.

patrick egarter

awesome pointellism

Favourite local artists

Justin Cooper’s Rad

Boxer Design Video Christmas Card

I think I’m getting over food being thrown at people’s heads in slow motion.

Good argument for using Vimeo over Youtube tho, there’s a lot of detail in there.

Boxer Design Video Christmas Card

Good front pages

This is a bit cute (insert fancy logo here)


Oh dear, vandals destroyed a Banksy in Melbourne…


Phart Gallery...

I can’t believe they actually called it this!

New website for photographic art..


There’s some very nice papercraft creations on Toxel

Victoria Park Gallery

This gallery looks like it has closed down.

Optical Illusion Art

Google still knows all

Optical Illusions out in the street

That bike rack’s great.

New podcast for YMC

Some more nice fashion for this thread. Alexi Freeman of Melbourne, Australia


Fake User Profiles

Sitepoint article discussing free speech vs defamation in the web 2.0 world

Frank Richter

I really like LTI-cubus in 3 Dimensionen


Last night in Richmond, (Victoria, Australia), three of the Albert st Galleries all had their openings on at the same time, which is a brilliant idea, I wish more galleries did it. Albert st is a new precinct I think!

Anyway I’ve got to say that Mark Kimber’s work in Edgeland was incredible, especially the prints in the front room which created fantasy landscapes by sampling together what appeared to be old magazine images. The print-dots were of different scales and blended in together to create a surreal texture. I don’t know if this was real or staged, but it looked incredible in close detail.

My other personal favourite was Craig Cole’s “I don’t want to grow up” at Shifted Gallery. Giant, over-sized cassette tape, Walkman and ear-bud headphones. I’m a sucker for pop art, this was overt pop indulgence. Failsafe!

Check out the pic here, the cassette is about 1.5 metres wide in real life.

New podcast for YMC

How can I upload some of my work photos?

Thanks for the image explanation tho. I was being lazy there.

How can I upload some of my work photos?

Ah, Socks… finally challenged by markup.

Combatting art fraud

Pretty interesting article about some of the difficulties in combatting art fraud produced by Australian Aboriginal artists. Looks at some of the cultural differences which increase the difficulty.

Does anyone know anything about the identiart system that is apparently being used to help authenticate Aboriginal artworks?

Gallery Espace presents Within The Walls

I really like this piece.


Not Quite Art – documentary by Marcus Westbury screening on the ABC. The second series explores how technology is affecting the production, distribution and definition of what art and culture is. Great stuff!

ABC let you watch the videos online as they are screened (Tuesday evenings, GMT+10)

Good Art RSS Feeds

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (The Government-owned TV Channel in Australia) has a good arts blog called ‘Articulate’.

It’s an art and culture blog, where this morning I learned this interesting fact:

“I was still surprised to hear reports that stadium rockers Aerosmith have made more money from a videogame featuring the band members than from any of their albums.”

Artabase Blog - Call for Submissions

Well, before you can discuss whether people like art or not I guess you’ve got to define what art is, which I’m not going to attempt : )

We’ve actually had a tonne of responses through email which has been great. There are some awesome ideas in there, a really broad range of responses. Kate (the editor) is busy sorting through everything, with the hope that the blog will be launched early next month.

That’s great that you’ve tried to start conversations on here. Keep going, I’m sure you’ll prod someone’s node at some stage.

Artist Resale Rights, your thoughts

Artist Resale Rights, your thoughts

Yeah there was an article on the ABC yesterday about the Australian Commercial Gallery Association’s thoughts on this, which are mixed. They are concerned it will cause an unnecessary administrative burdon, which it has done in the UK.

More here

Seeking Residency Opportunities!

Hi Dori,

Do you know where you want to do a residency?

The Email lists mention a few.

Here’s one in Budapest

Here’s one in New Jersey, America

Here’s one for Bundanon Australia

They all have different application criteria, so you kind of have to figure out the best way to apply depending on the actual residency itself.

Image software

Is anyone renting Adobe software? They’ve got a new purchase arrangement now where instead of paying thousands upfront you pay around a hundred a month for the Creative Suite.

The recommended retail price of each means that the upfront cost for the whole package is about the same as renting the software for 24 months.

Perhaps that’s a good deal if you are likely to upgrade your Adobe software every 24 months, but the software is so good now that many organisations won’t really need to.

I’m just interested to see who thinks that renting the software is a good option. I think I’d prefer to pay the full cost upfront and have access to the suite forever.

48 Hour Film Competition Melbourne

Lots of awards! How many people are you expecting to participate?

48 Hour Film Competition Melbourne

Heidi Yardley

I love this picture Heidi.

Remix My Lit

as a link:

Salacious title!

I haven’t read either of these authors. Damien’s Luck in the Greater west looks pretty good.

“Luck in the Greater West is a dissection of the lives of a diverse range of people living in twenty-first century Western Sydney.” More on wikipedia…

Good Art RSS Feeds

Duck’s Breath

We make money not art has a great article on the the Museum of Jurassic Technology today.


Art for Arts Sake

Champagne, anyone? In the refined elegance of a Sydney auction house, dealers, collectors and art aficionados contentedly celebrate the sale of a Picasso portrait for $5.75 million, an Australian record.

Thousands of kilometres away a group of mostly elderly Aboriginal artists sit in the red dust of central Australia, churning out paintings for a middleman who oversees their output and pays them in cash or cars. Another group produces more pictures from poky rooms in a highway motel…

link for video at lower right

For stats freaks

As Artabase reaches its first birthday (June 08), here’s some stats I’ve been researching…

In our first year 30,000 people in the world viewed the website.

According to Quantcast , you’re a well educated, mature bunch, with higher than average viewers having graduate or post-graduate qualifications.

For 2008 we calculate around 100,000 Galleries and Museums in the world, and 0.2% of these are already have a Gallery profile on Artabase. That’s pretty good for our first year, with little marketing.

Domain tools report 18 Wikipedia pages linking in (thanks! We haven’t been responsible for all of those, I’m glad you find Artabase useful enough to reference).

Based on the current ratio of Artists to Galleries on Artabase we calculate roughly 250,000 Artists in the world, although we’d like to find a more solid reference for that if anyone can recommend one.


Oblique Images from Stelarc’s Extra Ear

Boing Boing post discussing Stelarc’s extra ear with links to extra photos by Nina. Can’t wait to see these images!

Good Art RSS Feeds

Art Fag City has some interesting

Artist Resale Rights, your thoughts

Techdirt has a great article pointing out how Artist resale rights can depress the art sale market

What are your thoughts?

A few years ago, we wrote about the rather silly plan in the UK to create an “artist resale right.” This says that even if an artist has sold his or her work, if that work is resold, the artist still gets a 4% cut. The non-economic thinking on this is that an artist is forced to sell his or her work when it’s not valued as high, and thus deserves a cut when the value is much higher. However, that’s not at all what is happening. Instead, evidence has shown that this is more often used to depress the local art market by making it more expensive to sell art (and decreasing the incentives of anyone to resell any art they’ve bought). It profits big name artists, but tends to hurt the lesser known artists (you know, the one’s it’s supposed to help).

So, of course, it should come as no surprise that the wealthy artists who benefit the most from this resale right in the UK are looking to expand it (found via Against Monopoly). Currently, it only applies to living artists. However, they’re now pushing to extend the right to 70 years after death, where the family of the artist will be compensated — claiming that families deserve to be compensated for artwork a family member may have sold off a century earlier because: “Our loved ones often sacrifice a lot to support an artist in the family.” Of course, there are lots of sacrifices that families make for people in other professions as well, but they don’t get paid a century later for their efforts. This clearly has nothing to do with encouraging more art, since it seems to discourage that. It is, like so many “intellectual property” grants, a way for established creators to get more money out of what they already created, while hurting the market for new upstarts.


anyone know whos this is? in melbourne, citylights lane opposite acmi from memory. its rad

Ergas, Ergo: Silvershot

For more cardboard heads check chronox

Hugh Davies

check it out

Discover hidden architectural treasures in Melbourne...

Which one?

It got pretty good coverage in The Age last weekend, I wonder how many people will be trying to go? I really wanted to see ‘The Labyrinth’ beneath Fed Square during Next Wave but managed to show up an hour after it closed. : )


More about the project here


Julian Oliver’s Levelhead, awesome project. Will be shown in prix ars electronica exhibition this coming september

The file will play on any platform in the free VLC

cake boys: photographs, in two series

Review by Eliott Bledsoe

Good Art RSS Feeds

The art life

Discover hidden architectural treasures in Melbourne...

Melbourne Open House

The inaugural Melbourne version of the hugely successful London and New York Open House events will see our city’s most intriguing buildings and hidden architectural treasures open to the public for one day, Sunday 20 July.

Visit the Labyrinthine air-conditioning system in the underbelly of Federation Square, rarely seen interiors within the Manchester Unity Building, private spaces of Council House 2, unique glimpses of Walter Burley Griffin’s Capitol Theatre and many more.

For more information and to view the full program visit

Event: Melbourne Open House
Date: Sunday, 20 July 2008
Venues: Visit
Cost: FREE

Art Radio Shows Australia

And on 3CR

Arts Up! Mondays 2 – 4PM. Indigenous Arts Program, broadcast from 3KND In English. Presented by Kylie Belling, Kim Kruger and Janina Harding.

Art Radio Shows Australia

4zzz in Brisvegas has got ‘Art To Lunch’ on Sundays from 11am to 2pm

Art Radio Shows Australia

This in from Makeshift Swahili:

The Opening on PBS, Fiona Gruber Tuesdays 7-8pm

How to make your Gallery Green

The Australian Commercial Galleries Association has a neat little guide for making your Gallery greener, which includes tips for saving energy, reducing waste, and helping artists and clients to live more sustainable and healthy lives.

You can download it here

More info on their website

Art Radio Shows Australia

Hey all

I’d like to compile a list of Radio shows in Australia that talk about Art. The only couple I’m familiar with are

Smartarts on Triple R with Richard Watts. 9am Thursdays in Melbourne or online

3mbs Convent Corner which interviews tenants at the Convent (artists, arts orgs like Midsumma etc) every Thursday of the month at 8:45am and 5:15pm

Radio National’s Artworks

What else is around?

Space Art - Ars Astronautica

Photographer images satellites that do not exist

Trevor Paglen is an astrophotographer with a difference… he takes photos of satellites that are not there. Officially “not there”, anyway. He spends many nights surveying the skies, waiting for classified spy satellites to pass overhead. When one appears, after researching what is actually out there (which is a hard task, these things are not meant to be discovered!) he captures it with his hi-tech astronomical spy satellite-catching equipment. His work makes for captivating (if unnerving) reading. Apart from capturing 189 “ghost” satellites in orbit, he’s turned his stargazing lenses to Earth and taken a peek into the top secret world of “black ops”…


Tesla Coils as public art

Firefox Web Browser

Version 3 is out, its running a tonne faster. Recommended software for viewing Artabase with!

Firefox Download

art heists

Art heists are probably as old as art itself. The modern era dates to the 1911 theft of the “Mona Lisa,” when the self-styled Marques Eduardo de Valfierno paid three men to steal it from the Louvre in Paris. It’s usually seen as the first great art heist of the 20th century. Since that time, countless works of major and minor art have been stolen.

Forum formatting practice thread


Forum formatting practice thread

there are hints below the comment field, an image starts with an exclamation mark, then insert the URL of the image, then follow it with an exclamation mark, no spaces.

a link starts with " then the link text then ends with ": and the url, again with no spaces

Space Art - Ars Astronautica

No need to apologise, have a practice in this thread

Website Updates

Some new RSS feeds

Space Art - Ars Astronautica

ha ha, maurizio cattelan.. i love the ex-catholics

Space Art - Ars Astronautica

I like this Oliver Vandenberg thing

Space Art - Ars Astronautica

As links

funny heads!

Great design comp (UK residents, 18+)

Great idea : )

Favourite local artists

not local, but still a fav

Guillaume Bresson


cute stop motion animation for a Go Genre Everything trak.

So Bill Henson... and censorship in Australia in general

Awesome, we have precedent!

In 95 a WA artist was charged with “indecently recording a child under the age of 13” for taking photo portraits of her children, but after a three year battle she was found innocent! Yay!

As reported in The Australian this morning.

Mobile Journeys

Short screen capture of one of the mobile games available on youtube

Hop Dac

I think you and Eric Henshall would make a nice showing together.

So Bill Henson... and censorship in Australia in general

As we’re probably all aware, Bill Henson’s photographs of young teens were seized by Australian police last week. The ensuing media debates wage child porn against artistic merit, with I’ve got to admit more points going to artistic merit with

Adult who posed for Henson at 12 without regret

Former head of Albury Regional Art Gallery wanting Henson’s removed works brought back

In a world that lauds the teen model Henson’s critics are hyprocrits

…combined with other significant data relating to the naturalness of girls 12-14 being sexual creatures given the state of their physical development (including, but which I have not seen covered in the media, the fact that girls are maturing earlier, with the average age of a girl’s first period (menarche) dropping over the past two generations).

What I think all the coverage I have witnessed fails to take in to account is how this impacts our already abysmally censored Australian culture.

It could be argued that Australia has the second-highest rate of censorship in the world, second only to China.

To begin with, the following three situations have been extracted from the Wikipedia entry on "Censorship in Australia

In 2004, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image was responsible for the censorship of Australian female artist’s work which they had actually commissioned. Videoed images of the artist nailing her body to a tree were reduced in quantity and scale for final presentation to the public, against the artist’s consent.

In 2004, Experimenta refused to include the artwork ‘The Empty Show’ in the publicly installed version of the House of Tomorrow exhibition (it remains on the website 18) due to images of illegally stencilled graffiti which depicted Mickey Mouse with drugs. The issue of Mickey Mouse being defamed was considered the risk, not the drugs. This censorship was known only to the organisers and the artists involved, and thus comprised a form of self-censorship.

Other Australian artists have received funding from public funding bodies, only to discover that their works are too controversial to be shown in this country, notably George Gittoes, whose work is still shown freely overseas.

Feel free to add more information regarding your experiences of censorship in Australia.

- – -

I await with great anticipation the outcome of the Henson case. Should his work be found ‘acceptable’ we will hopefully see a maturation of the Australian cultural scene to something which is not ‘conditioned by alarmist media’ (to quote Henson’s response to the seize). If he is charged with obscenity, production of child porn or publication of child porn then we can kiss artistic license goodbye in this country, and possibly many of our best artists and artworks with it.

I’d also like to see a donation fund set up to help with Henson’s legal fees, as this case is going to affect all artists working in Australia. The case against Steve Hise in America being a good example of why this might be necessary.

Furniture Art

how cool!

Using art to keep kids distracted..

Artimus Art looks good – a website where you can store pictures your kids make as they are growing up.

Stranger of the Month

Please note the changed dates for this exhibition below:

You are cordially invited to take part in:

Stranger Of The Month


Saturday 24 May, 2008
12pm – 8pm
Office 10, Level 3,
Nicholas Building
37 Swanston St, Melb


A service for generating instructions for the anonymous Other, Stranger
of the Month takes its cue from ‘how-to’ manuals, spy novels, new age
self-help mantras, and minor acts of everyday subversion.

This coming Saturday only, we open our temporary mailroom and launch our
interactive publishing model – and we’d love you to contribute.

Submit your instructions; we’ll then transmit selected instructions (by
fax or post, via the web or Federation Square’s SMS-TV) to unsuspecting

The mailroom is also where you’ll find selected instructions from
contemporary artists. Be directed by – or add to – Analogue Art Map’s
unknown trajectory. Join Krush Klub, or make an appointment with The

Intended as an unsolicited act of generosity, the nature of the
instructions can assume varied forms. Instructions may provide a remedy
to the doldrums of a working life, an awakening to behaviours that are
habitual or unconscious; or they could function as a call to action, for
the purpose of a particular cause or belief. Alternatively, instructions
could operate in a more covert way, to form the beginnings of a game of
deception and intrigue.

To find out more – or to contribute online – visit

Contributing artists include: Panther (Sarah Rodigari and Madeleine
Hodge), Rebecca Cannon, Analogue Art Map, Jason Maling, Lucas Ilhein,
and Nathalie Quagliotto.


Curated by Kerrie-Dee Johns.
Next Wave Festival 2008.

Website Feedback and Suggestions

Hey Tim

Yeah, we were thinking the next button would be good

Love number 2, perhaps look only at artists with an image as well

Re: yours not being there, we sussed that out yeah? You were looking at artists in Australia, Victoria, but your artist bio didn’t have Victoria on it. So, that’s fixed now.

MM, text color fixed for upcoming release.

anon, great suggestion. I think inter-media is kind of a given for anyone with more than one media type selected, would you agree? Interactive should definitely be in the list.


there’s a great book floating around on ceramics which I can’t remember the name of. it’s got a tonne of awesome modern work, some very disturbing.

this post on who killed bambi just reminded me to track the book down

yvonne lee schultz porcelain pistols

Space Art - Ars Astronautica

Melbourne artist Willoh S. Weiland is producing a fantastic live audio event which will then be recorded and broadcast light years into outer space by Deep Space Communications Network in Florida, USA.

Yelling at stars is performed at Sidney Myer Music bowl, Saturday May 31st.

People can participate by logging on to the website to contribute suggestions for what we should yell in to space.

Good front pages

as far as letting people know what’s going on…

LinkedIn: Relationships Matter

altho the front page of linkedin doesn’t really describe how valuable it is as a business networking thing. i would use it to find people for jobs if i like the people recommending their services.

Flickr makes it’s point

I like current tv but the front page is a bit crammed… i feel like i don’t want to bother watching anything because I’m never going to have the time to see anything, so i’m going to miss out on too much.

awesome site tho.

I Wish I Could Show You

Big brother,, confessing up to priestly strangers. Little sister?

Does anyone have a mobile with in-phone editing? (eg, shoot two clips, they are automatically pasted together). I think I heard of some mobile java app a few years ago but I don’t know if it was real or just a concept.

I think the videos would work a bit better if it was either confessions or precious moments; not both. When I’m in the mood for perving on confessions, fluffy baby chickens don’t work.

Would you die for art?

I wouldn’t die for Damien but I’d let him use my bits…

Speaking of whom somehow via the internetz he ended up a Fan of Artabase on facebook when we only had 23 fans…

this software has better connections than I do.

Cool hunter interview

Video interview with Bill Tikos behind

Using art to keep kids distracted..

I like this, a sister-city type kids illustration competition.

Would you die for art?

I wonder if he’ll get done for murder should he pull it off.

Using art to keep kids distracted..

and because we revert in old age

Using art to keep kids distracted..

Artplay at Fedsquare for kids under 12…

Favourites: Installation art


On a related note, Sean Cordeiro and Claire Healy dismantled a house and stuck every piece of it in a gallery:

The role of the curator

There’s a good interview in today’s Australian with Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Artistic Director of the Biennale of Sydney talking about her curatorial approach, which is to be a collaborator.

more here

Artabase on Facebook

you’re just jealous coz they don’t let animate articles of clothing sign up for a user account.

Flight Zero

Last day!

Favourite local artists

Ghost patrol is my fav.

sorry, all my artist friends he just beat.

Hop Dac

If by thing you mean thread, yes, it’s interesting isn’t it!

Optical Illusion Art

Julian Oliver has a fantastic article available on his blog called ‘Perceptual Play: Optical Illusion Art as Radical Interface’

You can get it from

Call for ARTISTS Costa Rica

Call for ARTISTS Costa Rica

amazing looking place for a residency!

400usd per month is not so bad considering everything included.

Call for ARTISTS Costa Rica


try again

Call for ARTISTS Costa Rica

that one as a link

Copyright Collection Agencies

Viscopy is a copyright collection agency for visual artists in Australia. Does anyone know of organisations like this for the US and EU?

Australia Council Arts Funding

2008 Briefing dates and times


If you are a professional craftsperson, designer, media artist, visual artist and arts writer interested in applying for arts funding then this is for you! The Visual Arts Board of The Australia Council for the Arts will be conducting Public Briefings around Australia throughout the year. The briefings are aimed at practicing artists and present a great opportunity for you to find out more about what the Visual Arts Board can offer.

Thursday 28th February, 3pm
JamFactory Contemporary Craft & Design
Lion Arts Centre, 19 Morphett Street, Adelaide

Wednesday, 30th April, 6-8pm
CAST (Contemporary Art Services Tasmania), 27 Tasma Street, North Hobart

Thursday 1st May, 6-8pm
Design Centre, Tasmania, Cnr Tamar and Brisbane Sts, Launceston Tas

Saturday 28th June, 5pm
Raw Space, 99 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane

Wednesday 2nd July, 6pm
Kick Arts – Centre for Contemporary Arts, 96 Abbott St, Cairns

Monday 30th June, 6pm
Lismore Regional Art Gallery, 131 Molesworth Street, Lismore

Wednesday 21st May, 6-8pm
24hr Art – NT Centre for Contemporary Art
Vimy Lane, Parap Shopping Village, Darwin

Thursday 22nd May, 6-8pm
Watch This Space, 4/9 George Crescent, Alice Springs

Enquiries: 02 9215 9068 or Toll-free: 1800 226 912

Online Arts Resources


Please visit EAI’s new project, The Online Resource Guide for Exhibiting,
Collecting & Preserving Media Art, a comprehensive source for information
on single-channel video, computer-based art, and media installation:

Founded in 1971, Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI) is one of the world’s
leading nonprofit resources for video art and interactive media. EAI’s
core program is the international distribution of a major collection of
new and historical media works by artists. EAI’s activities include a
preservation program, viewing access, educational services, online
resources, and public programs such as exhibitions and lectures. The
Online Catalogue provides a comprehensive resource on the 175 artists and
3,000 works in the EAI collection, including extensive research materials.

Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI)
535 West 22nd Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10011

Online Arts Resources


Presentations from M&GSQ events are available from our website as audio
and video files. You can play these on-screen from the website or save and
play on your computer or portable device (such as an iPod) at a time of
your choosing.

Online Arts Resources


Artfiles is a directory of the diverse and dynamic world of the arts and
cultural creators, facilities, programs and activities of Western Sydney.
Artfiles is brought to you by Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE),
with the support of the NSW Ministry for the Arts and 12 Western Sydney

Artfiles is a resource used all year round throughout Western Sydney and
beyond. 20,000 copies of the printed directory will be distributed over
the next two years, while is accessed worldwide. This
year marks the seventh year that Artfiles has been connecting the wider
community with Western Sydney arts.

You can also search online for specialised information in Artfiles, such
as a complete list of practitioners of a specific artform or a list of
young artists from a particular area in Western Sydney.

To share any arts-related events or opportunities with the arts, cultural
and community industries in Western Sydney, send to on
Monday of each week. We also provide a direct mail and email service (call
Artfiles on 02 9897 5744 for quotes and bookings).

To receive Artfile News, a regular enewsletter with information about
events, grants and other opportunities relevant to people in NSW, you can
subscribe by sending an email to;

Online Arts Resources


The Digital Artists Handbook is an up to date, reliable and accessible
source of information that introduces different tools, resources and ways
of working related to digital art. The goal of the handbook is to be a
signpost, a source of practical information and content that bridges the
gap between new users and the platforms and resources that are available,
but not always easily accessible. The handbook will be slowly filled with
articles written by invited artists and specialists, talking about their
tools and ways of working. Some articles are introductions to tools,
others are descriptions of methodologies, concepts and technologies. The
site hosts articles on a wide variety of topics related to the bits and
bytes of digital art practice, including project management tips, open
content guides, instructions for digital video, digital graphics, and
sound tools, hardware development strategies.
The project is supported by Arts Council England.

Further information:

Online Arts Resources

Here’s that one as a link

Great idea Jonathan. Reminds me of the Culture Victoria project in terms of providing an online access portal to a vast real-world collection. CV doesn’t allow curation tho, to my knowledge.

Formatting / Markup Help and practise...

and as recently discovered in the environmental art thread, putting a dash at either end of a word or group of words adds a strike through!

one of these – at either end, touching the letters. right

Space Art - Ars Astronautica

Whilst thinking about the possibility of making artwork that exists in space, but can be seen from earth, I came across this excellent website about space art;

The site looks like it hasn’t been updated for a few years, but contains a hugely detailed history of art works that use space. I think my favourite piece was

1984: Joseph McShane’s Get Away Special (GAS) (G-308) which contained a system of spheres used as a materials coating experiment, originally conceived of and viewed as artworks upon return to Earth. McShane stated: “The sculpture “S.P.A.C.E.” is not the glass, but the outer space contained within. The sphere serves only to keep the one-g atmosphere from intruding on the space within, creating an anomaly of our common experience; a sculpture to observe and stimulate wonder about the nature and meaning of space, a sculpture to touch and know that only an 1/8″ of glass separates one from space.” (NASA, 1994)”.

- bringing a piece of space (as in truly empty space, not the stuff found in it) back to earth, what an awesome concept!

An orbital sculpture that didn’t happen;

Re: Orbital Sculptures

I guess these would come under the influence of sky art in general, which would also include sky-writing, fireworks, kite design, cloud-light-shows, large scale balloon and bird releases. And it would also follow the more recent lineage of earth-art works that are intended for enjoyment by those positioned in the sky, like environmental sculptures (crop circles included), massive landscaping branding projects, and the plethora of both natural and artificial large-scale projects intended for view from Google earth, etc.

Call for artists - A.I.R. International

app form’s available at

art on the environment

What kind of scale do you mean? Kirsten Bradley does a bit of small scale stuff.


Just found some lovely mathematical origami by Hideaki Azuma including this Mobius strip which is pretty cool (2002)

Some of the patterns are gorgeous

Australian Network for Art and Technology

I just received the latest copy of ANAT’s Members only Filter magazine. Gotta say I love the new full colour glossy format, and am looking forward to checking out the complimentary DVD of experimental AV including works by jean poole, Wade Marynowsky, Ajbect Leader, Robin Fox and Delire/Pix amongst others.

Kudos to Director Dr. Melinda Rackham and the rest of the ANAT team for pulling together such a polished mag, I hope they can keep up the multimedia format. For anyone pondering whether ANAT membership is worthwhile I’d say now is a great time to do it given you get a few back copies of the Filter mag upon subscription, (not to mention their quick turnaround professional development grant).

Cory Doctorow on Artists Rights

Awesome article by the brainz behind Boing Boing – talking about the most important artist right of all – not copyright, but freedom of expression.

And another article from 2002 talking about the work of who legally defended appropriative artworks like Tom Forsythe’s nude depictions of Barbie in a blender – and won.

Great design comp (UK residents, 18+)

But do you also win free beer, that’s the important question.

Primitives Collection Field

Write-up on Selectparks

Open Source Knitting Standard KnitML

KnitML is a community standards effort aimed at defining a universal, machine- and human-readable system for describing knitting patterns.

It’s an XML compliant standard, which means it will be easily readably by humans and computers alike, and in most new technological contexts.

More info here

You can check out a basic sock pattern here

via boing boing

Website Feedback and Suggestions

Hi everyone,

Feel free to add your feedback and suggestions here. It’s been pointed out by a couple of people that adding an exhibition is a bit laborious. We’ll be improving this soon.

All your comments are welcome.


This work was shown in Experimenta’s ‘Vanishing Point’ exhibition. You can read a review on pages 21 – 23 of Unmagazine issue 6 at

(it was wonderful, don’t miss it!).

Why Creative People make artwork available freely

This article discusses reasons why artists obtain value from making their work freely available on the internet.

Open Source Art Software Wiki is a wiki for sharing information about free and open source art software!

Usage of Creative Commons by cultural heritage orgs

Here’s a link to a report on the usage of Creative Commons licenses by Cultural Orgs in the UK

which found that “Digital resources produced by publicly funded organisations are a valuable asset to the research and education community. Many people in the sector believe that access to and use of these digital resources could be better and that the wider use of open content licences would help to improve the situation.”


forums are working now, talk crap about crap to your heart’s content!


Trigger: Game Art

Do any of the artists from this show have any documentation? nullpointer needs some for late grant aquittal reasons.


ha ha, i never knew the story behind that one luce.. scuze the pun.

Machu Picchu

Can’t wait, haven’t heard Bruce’s audio in a long time.


This was surreal Sally, great job.