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Linsey Gosper, ‘Paradise is where you are right now’ & Tess E. McKenzie with ‘Knowledge W 414’
Nov 13th till Dec 5th, 2010

Opening night celebrations Saturday, Nov 13th, 6 till 9pm

Comment made 9 years ago on Monday 08 November 2010


‘Imagine That’
Katie Houghton-ward & Chrissy Cope
9 till 30th October, 2010

Opening night drinks Saturday Oct 9th, 6pm till 9.

Comment made 9 years ago on Tuesday 05 October 2010


This months exhibition is Llawella Lewis ‘make, smash, mend’ and Leo Greenfield ‘A Twitch Upon the Thread’. The opening is Saturday August 14th, 6 till 9pm. The exhibition runs till the 4th of September.

Comment made 9 years ago on Friday 06 August 2010