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Linsey Gosper, ‘Paradise is where you are right now’ & Tess E. McKenzie with ‘Knowledge W 414’
Nov 13th till Dec 5th, 2010

Opening night celebrations Saturday, Nov 13th, 6 till 9pm

Comment made 10 years ago on Monday 08 November 2010


‘Imagine That’
Katie Houghton-ward & Chrissy Cope
9 till 30th October, 2010

Opening night drinks Saturday Oct 9th, 6pm till 9.

Comment made 10 years ago on Tuesday 05 October 2010


This months exhibition is Llawella Lewis ‘make, smash, mend’ and Leo Greenfield ‘A Twitch Upon the Thread’. The opening is Saturday August 14th, 6 till 9pm. The exhibition runs till the 4th of September.

Comment made 10 years ago on Friday 06 August 2010