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You’ve probably not received any responses because your suggested topic does not have enough depth for ongoing discussion. If you asked, for example, what is art ?,what purpose does it serve either ,personally or socially, then you leave a wider space for people to throw ideas and opinions around and stoke up a decent opportunity for vibrant conversation. But even then it’s hard to get anyone’s interest.
I tried to start a conversation about art & the environment a while ago, it took some needling to prod the few people into responding, I found that some people were thinking about the issue although it did seem surprisingly few.
The point is, that you’ll need broaden the conversation.
Not all people like art, it’s easier to fill a stadium of adults who’d rather watch an inflated piece of leather being chased around a patch of grass for two hours rather than go to a gallery to look at “art”.

Comment made 14 years ago on Monday 13 October 2008

art on the environment

The original question was asking if anyone was doing work related to environmental issues.
Landscapes, or images depicting the natural ageing process of the land were not what I had in mind.

The Ansel Adams, romantic era of the land is over.

It is more relevant now to look at what we are doing to mould the planet.
I was wondering if there was anyone,in their creative work, trying to step out of the human skin,away from all they have been taught to see, and look critically at the human species.

Yes, erosion creates beautiful form, and light through trees, and mist upon water,there is beauty everywhere, even in the wrinkles and eyes of a face.
We could lose ourselves forever in it, without ever thinking, beyond the pretty picture we are taught to see.

Comment made 14 years ago on Friday 04 April 2008

art on the environment

Firstly, about the comment about not agreeing that “art is thought”, if it’s not reflecting a persons thoughts, then what is it doing ?

Trying to conceptualise ideas about our relationship to the environment and what we are doing to it is something I have been grappling with, and been fascinated by, for the past few years. In doing it, I’ve been going back into prehistory as well, and in doing this I’ve been re-evaluating who and what we are.

I’m in Australia, sounds like Canada has a lot of material to contemplate for
art on the environment as well. And yes, there are a whole range of related issues to think about, more than enough for a lifetime.

Comment made 14 years ago on Monday 11 February 2008

art on the environment

Finally some voices from the void, excellent !

My point in beginning the discussion was to find others who may be visually thinking about this issue.
The idea of creating works about our treatment and control of the environment forces us to step back and look at ourselves in a totally new, unromantic light.
There are completely new perceptions that need to be conceptualised.
Goya painted life and also powerfully painted death, as did Michelangelo.

It’s just that we have a new kind of death to contemplate, for those of us at least, who are prepared to do that contemplation.

And what we do may be too small and possibly too late, but we at least have the consolation of knowing, that we have seriously thought about how a planet is dismembered, is bought and sold, is wounded and dies, all done by the many hands of one species, a species which considers itself intelligent, enlightened, imagine that !

Art is also about communication, we each have to decide what we want to talk about and what our work is to say, remember though, that anyone can talk,
not everyone has someting to say.

Comment made 14 years ago on Sunday 03 February 2008

art on the environment

Here we are once more in the silence of the void,
with no-one to lament the loss of the heritage of art in the hue and atmosphere of the seasons.

If everything we do is a vote for the world we want to live in, it is equally created by what we do not do, or say.
All these things are noted and tallied by those who like to collect such data and passed on to those who like to give us what we want, and our silence, to their logic is seen and taken as acceptance, as indifference is not seen as criticism.

Comment made 14 years ago on Sunday 27 January 2008

art on the environment

Art is thought.
So if an artist’s works represent his thoughts his art is an accurate representation of what he or she is thinking about.

And it’s not about making the entire focus about art on the environment.
If an artist was to make a list of the subject material of his works what would the list of subjects consist of ? How much variety of thought would there be?

It’s true that all art is in some way about the world we live in, even if very often it is only so personal that it’s only relevant to the artist.

If we return to the art anthropologist, digging up the art, he would be judging the value of the work by it’s relevance to, and insights it allowed, into the period in which the art was created.
He may ask himself,and be puzzled by the question, why this or that artist only painted lanscapes,or nudes, or still-life while the world about them was in a state decline and collapse.
Why had they not seen, commented, or cried out about it.
And, our anthropologist might also wonder about the reply those artist’s might have given to their children, and grandchildren, when, seated upon their knee in front of the canvas they ask their talanted parents and grand parents, why are you painting nudes,and landscapes and still-life while the world is dying?

Comment made 14 years ago on Wednesday 23 January 2008

art on the environment

I wasn’t really thinking in terms of the scale of works.
Just wondering if anyone is spending any of their creative energy on
this important social issue.

Writers and musicians do it, but it seems that if an art anthropologist dug up
the works of a hundred artists,and compared those to factual information about what was going on during their lifetime, it seems that their work would have little relationship to the world they actually lived in.

This could lead one to ask what planet are they living on, but not me, never me,I wouldn’t ask or even contemplate such a rude question.

Comment made 14 years ago on Sunday 20 January 2008

art on the environment

Hmm, no-one !
Perhaps I’m being impatient and need to wait a bit longer.

Comment made 14 years ago on Wednesday 16 January 2008

art on the environment

Is there anyone doing any work related to environmental issues ?

Comment made 14 years ago on Tuesday 15 January 2008

New Gallery Space (Melbourne)

What’s the address & hours,

Comment made 14 years ago on Monday 07 January 2008

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