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Call for artists - A.I.R. International

well would like to know more about it

Comment made 14 years ago on Friday 01 February 2008

art on the environment

Well my work deals with the amazon, and has a deep ecological message. It has a very retro look and abstract expressionist make up but it is pure make up, because it showa the vitaly and the fragility of the amazon forest. My workhas been praised by the poetress Marcia Theophilo nobel candidate and our work has many things in common, the Amazon has a voice, and maybe for this there are many singers dealing with it because Amazon has a voice. Instead of doing a contemporary looking work, the only way is to use colour as notes as music, because people don t listen to apocalyptic message.Only to state by painting, is that we are nature, and therefore subconsciousness,our rational desire to destroy nature is in fact a desire to destroy subconsciousness, so killing ourselves. The idea of macrocosmos and microcosmos. Sorry if my ideas are a bit confusing but got so many prob to speak about it in th artworld it seems that people in the arts don t care, found closer to poet and musicians

Comment made 14 years ago on Friday 01 February 2008

Meghan O'Rourke

fantastic jewelry

Comment made 14 years ago on Saturday 12 January 2008